Penn Free Methodist Church
Founded in 1808

Upholding the historic faith

of the Sriptures



"Day of all the week the best, Emblem of eternal rest"





(The Lord's Supper is observed on the first Sunday in the month am and the third Sunday pm)


(for ages 4 plus) 

12.30 to 1.30pm

Children are welcome to come along for just one week

to see how they get on. All lessons are Bible-based. 

Interested parents are invited to contact the Minister for further information and to look over the teaching materials used.





8.00 pm

This is always a highly

valuable time of fellowship

and refreshment in the middle of the week.


Pastor Peter M. Simpson BA


Read about the historical accuracy of the Genesis account of the universal Flood in the days of Noah, and about the sobering reality of God's judgement, in the midst of which many animals and eight human beings were saved by means of a great ocean-going vessel which we call the Ark.

​Penn Free

Methodist Church

(PFMC) is an independent, conservative evangelical and Protestant church, standing in the solidly Biblical tradition of 18th century Methodism. We exist to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for sinners.

We uphold the complete inerrancy and historical accuracy of the Scriptures as being our sole authority in all matters of faith and practice.  

In pursuit of this high calling of preaching Christ, the only Saviour of men, PFMC shuns the political correctness which has become the message of so many churches in our day. The task of churches is not to regurgitate the fashionable doctrines of secular liberalism, but this tragically is so often what happens.

Modern Britain is simply not hearing about the need for each individual to repent, nor about  the reality of God's judgement upon sin. Instead, the message generally passed on by the mainstream churches is the old social gospel heresy, which bears little difference to atheistic Marxism. 

Our nation needs, not cliches about ‘equality and diversity’, not a trendy, green ‘save the planet’ focus, not the anaemic man-pleasing message of social improvement (which is actually no different to the what the politcians say), not the materialism of an ‘abolish poverty’ emphasis, but a straightforward Biblical call to repentance from sin and to faith in Christ.

The country is in an absolute mess, precisely because it has abandoned its Christian foundations. We are a ‘broken society’, quite simply, because of sin and the wholesale rejection of God. 

The philosophy of our age is preoccupied with ‘human rights’. This is the new secular religion, and it is a symptom of man trying to be his own master, whilst rejecting the authority of God; but instead of the assertion of rights, men need to realise their responsibility before their Maker. Each individual needs to realise the enormity of the sin and rebellion against God which resides within every human heart. It is God’s rights over His creatures which should be our focus.

Failure to believe in the one true Trinitarian God is a refusal to accept the authority under which we are all called to live, for it is God who has given us life in the first place. There is pride and sinfulness in the human heart, which must be radically dealt with. We shall never solve society's problems by throwing Government money at them. The need of the hour is for each individual to repent of sin, and to come to Jesus Christ, who, out of love for us, warned us: 

"Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish"

(Luke 13:3). 

To those who do come to Christ, in repentance and faith, He is a loving and merciful Saviour, granting to each believer in Him, through no merits of his or her own, forgiveness and the gift of everlasting life.

The church is situated on the B474

between Beaconsfield and Hazlemere,

near High Wycombe

in Buckinghamshire

Postcode : HP10 8NU


Minister's Contact Details

Chapel Cottage, Church Road, Penn,
Bucks, HP10 8NU

E :
01494 812829 (OFFICE)
01494 816202 (HOME)

A warm welcome awaits all