As a church we strongly criticise Prime Minister Theresa May following her TV interview with Andrew Marr on Sunday April 30th 2017 in which she categorically stated that the practice of homosexuality is not sinful in the sight of God. 

Pastor Simpson states, “We respect the Prime Minister for the high office which she holds, and we pray regularly for her, but Mrs May has no authority whatsoever to declare that she knows better than the Bible. It is tragic that the pressures of political correctness are causing professing Christians to publicly deny God’s moral law and the Biblical orthodoxy adhered to by all Christians for nearly 2000 years - until more recent times, when churches began to succumb to the all-prevailing influence of the LGBT lobby".

The Bible-rejecting statement by Mrs May follows on from Christian politicians Tim Farron and Michael Gove also recently saying that ‘gay’ sexual activity is not sinful, and thus, along with Mrs May, showing their obedience to the demands of the liberal secular establishment. 

We have also had the resignation of Andrew Turner as prospective MP for the Isle of Wight, following his negative comments about homosexuality. It seems that freedom of speech must now be withdrawn from anyone who dares to disagree with our pro-LGBT masters.  

We have reached the situation in modern Britain where one simply cannot be a successful politician, unless one is prepared to jump on the LGBT bandwagon and rubbish the Christian Scriptures. We constantly hear talk about tolerance and the need to ‘embrace diversity’, but it seems that this does not include anyone who happens to disagree with the pc norm. 

Must public expressions of belief in the Bible now be banned in modern Britain? Mrs May cannot on the one hand make a point of telling the electorate that she is a Christian, but at the same time discard portions of God’s word in the interests of political expedience.

The following pertinent questions need to be asked : 

1) Would Mrs May now be Prime Minister if she had opposed same-sex marriage? 

2) Should all Bible-believing Christians now be banned from Parliament as being bigots? 

3) Why are our politicians asking the Queen to deny her coronation oath by putting forward legislation in clear contradiction of Biblical principles?

4) Is worshipping at the altar of the LGBT lobby now the ultimate test of suitability for participation in British public life?  

As well as in the Old Testament (e.g. Leviticus 18:22), the New Testament plainly speaks of the sinfulness of homosexuality in Romans 1:22-28, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 1 Timothy 1:9-10 and Jude v7. This is simply NOT a grey area, any more than the sinfulness of adultery is, which is listed alongside homosexuality in the 1 Corinthians passage cited above. 

For those who bring up the red herring that the Bible also condemns the eating of shellfish or the wearing of clothes containing mixed fibres, the simple answer is that there is a clear distinction between the temporary civil and dietary laws of Old Testament Israel and God’s moral law, which is eternal. It is the same difference as between the temporary law in Britain during WW2 banning the use of petrol in private cars (a sensible law for its time) and God’s law against, say, stealing, which is in force for all time. 

The LGBT movement has been anti-Christian from its inception. This is seen in the Gay Liberation Front manifesto of 1971 (still revered today by the gay rights movement), which openly attacked Christianity's “archaic and irrational teachings”.

Pastor Simpson would courteously remind those politicians who make a profession of Christian faith that to be disciple of Christ means upholding God's moral law and the authority of Scripture (John 14:15, 1 John 2:4. Luke 16:31). A Christian has no liberty whatsoever to discard the teachings of the Bible in the interests of the fashion of the moment.

The best way for a Christian to show love to his or her homosexual neighbour is to encourage repentance from sin and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.