Dear Madam, 

I note with sadness that the Bucks Free Press (1st Sept 2017) ran a special 8-page supplement to mark High Wycombe’s first ever Pride parade on August 26th. The supplement tells us that “hundreds” celebrated the parade, but the front page that “thousands” did so. Which is correct?   

I also note that among the photos rejoicing in the parade on the BFP website was one of a young supporter who was standing alongside a speaker, and who wore a badge reading, “F*ck you, you f*ucking f*ck”. Whatever this crass vulgarity is supposed to mean, why is our local newspaper happy for High Wycombe people to see such language on public display? 

Another photo which I noticed in the supplement was that of a person dressed up as a dog with a collar and chain around the neck. Can the BFP explain the symbolism of this outfit? Can we assume that it is meant to convey something utterly wholesome to the many children who would have seen it? 

I further observe that the BFP is giving the impression of supporting the Socialist Workers’ Party, given the prominence that was afforded to photos of SWP posters reading, ‘Dump Trump’ and ‘Kick out Tory and DUP bigots’. Are we now to assume that anyone who does not bow down in submission to the LGBT juggernaut must by definition be a bigot, and also that the BFP is now a Far Left-supporting newspaper?

Furthermore, it appears that our local newspaper has very little consideration for its readers who are Bible-believing Christians, in that it is so willing to identify with and promote the LGBT cause. Evidently, the Judaeo-Christian revelation spanning millennia must now be trashed, so that the BFP can demonstrate just how right-on, cool and liberal it really is. 

Promiscuity is of course a serious sin amongst heterosexuals, but it is a particular problem amongst gay people. Indeed, in 1997 the Journal of Sex Research published a paper entitled, “A comparative demographic and sexual profile of older homosexual men” (Vol. 34, p354). Studying the sexual profiles of 2,583 gay men, it found that they had an average number of 251 partners in their lifetimes. One can only assume that in publicly supporting the gay scene, the BFP is also endorsing the promiscuity which is characteristic of that scene.

As Christians we show our love for our homosexual neighbour by pointing to the Bible’s clear and unequivocal teaching on the sinfulness of this lifestyle. We therefore in compassion issue a call to repentance from sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who respond to God’s call will receive His mercy, and will also experience great peace of mind and the gift of everlasting life.

Pastor Peter Simpson
Penn Free Methodist Church